Self-employment, simplified

Hnry takes the stress and hassle out of being self-employed

We calculate, pay and file all your taxes

What you get paid is yours to keep!

Focus on your business and career

What is Hnry?

Hnry makes it easy to be self-employed. We handle all of the tax and compliance for you so you can focus on getting the job done. Now anyone can take advantage of working independently without any of the risk, stress or hassle.

We do it all for you: Income Tax, GST, ACC, Student Loans, KiwiSaver

We do the calculations, make the payments, and file all your tax returns for you so you never have to worry. Pay taxes as you go and get a payslip every time you get paid!

You get access to a Hnry Bank Account to get your self-employed income paid into, along with access to our online platform

We calculate, deduct and pay exactly the right amount of all your taxes for you immediately, every time you get paid.

We file your Income Tax and GST returns for you on time, every time, so you don’t need to worry!

Our Customers


“When I heard about Hnry I thought it was too good to be true! Dealing with tax is obviously a huge part of being a contractor. To have Hnry take that all on so I don’t have to worry is such a relief.”

James Doyle
Head of 3D Department


“Hnry is super easy to use and takes the hassle out of paying my taxes! This is hugely important for me because it gives me the freedom to be creative and focus on the things I love doing.”

Ash Church
Visual Artist & Creative Director


“Hnry lets me focus on what I’m good at – with none of the associated admin of contracting. I get paid my real paycheck, with income tax, student loan, and ACC all taken off for me. Magic.”

Finn Lawrence
Innovation Specialist

How does Hnry work?

Hnry are registered Tax Agents for IRD and ACC, so we can represent you to those agencies.

Added to that, we give you an awesome platform to manage your self-employed life!

Raise invoices online and we’ll  follow up if invoices are overdue

Get paid on the same day, and get a Payslip just like a permanent job!

Pay-as-you go, so you only pay for the service when you’re working

Upload your Business Expenses and we’ll get you the right tax relief

Track your earnings and get insights about your finances

Join any time of the year with no stress – it takes less than 2 minutes!

Platform Dashboard

Is Hnry for me?

If you’re new to self-employment:

If you haven’t earned any self-employed income yet, we handle all the setup with IRD and ACC on your behalf.

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up for Hnry and get the freedom to start earning self-employed income without any worries!

If you’re already self-employed:

If you’ve already been earning self-employed income this year, switching to Hnry is easy.

If you’ve set aside money for tax, we can pay that to IRD and ACC when you join.

If you haven’t put anything aside yet, Hnry gets you back on track to avoid big payments later!

Still wondering if Hnry is for you?
Answer 5 simple questions to find out if you’re eligible to join Hnry:

How much does Hnry cost?

Our pricing model is simple:

We charge a 1% fee on all income paid into your Hnry Bank Account, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year.

For that fee, you get full access to the Hnry service – there are no joining fees or subscription costs.

That means you only pay when you’re earning!

Pricing light

Who is Hnry?

We’re a team of freelancers, contractors and accountants who got sick of spreadsheets, receipts and unexpected tax bills. We designed the Hnry service so that anyone can take advantage of flexible working.

We’re on a mission to make self-employment simple, affordable and accessible for everyone. 

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